1. LMCKC207

    Resolved how to display text in a listbox?

    Hello, I need some help, please. I'm trying to replicate this image but I have no idea how to do the squared one. It is a list box but I don't know how to display the text like that inside of that.
  2. L

    Question How to make a text box case insensitive when using to search

    Hello, I'm having a problem getting my textbox to search case insensitive I'm using a textbox to search within a listbox Private Sub tbSearch_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles tbSearch.TextChanged For Each item In lbStoresF.Items If...
  3. S

    Lost by object and event listboxes in Code Editor!

    Hi All, Please can someone help... At the top of the code editor window, there is usually the object listbox on the left, and the events listbox on the right... Both of mine have disappeared! Does anyone know how to get these back? There must be a setting somewhere to make them visible...
  4. D


  5. binga30

    Check if 2 listboxes have selected item

    Hi Guys, Fairly new to VB but enjoying making a small app. One thing I am stuck on is trying to check if 2 listboxes have had an item selected. If the 2 listboxes have an item selected then enable a button. I have placed the following code inside the Listbox1 Click Event sub which is public. If...
  6. PiperMp3

    Question Initiate external program via List Box?

    So I'm writing this program, that allow you to list files from a folder on your own using Open Filedialog. As of now the program can find .bin and .exe files. I do also have a code making the program able to label each Extension with a color. But, I would like the user (either me, or who ever)...
  7. A

    search a text file

    I finally fixed my code and all that's left for me to do is to create a search button. what I'm trying to create is a search button but i just cant figure it out and i need help doing it. I am a beginner. I just want the program to ask the user what he would like to search for, when the...
  8. O

    Question Naming Text box using index

    Hi, I am trying to use index to assign 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90 to some list boxes names "listbox1", "listbox2", "listbox3", "listbox4", "listbox5". Please look at this simple code: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Public Class Form1...
  9. L

    ListBox Multi-Select Issue

    When I use Shift+Click to select multiple items in a listbox, the following code is not recognizing the selected items between the first selected index and the last selected index as being selected: For i As Integer = 0 To listSongs.Items.Count - 1 Step 1 MessageBox.Show("Index of " & i &...
  10. D

    [VB 2008]read,write and use multiline strings to/from a file

    Hi.I need your help with a few things: 1.Read the line by line text from a text file in a dynamic listbox Dim mylist As New ListBox and then read each line from the text file to 'mylist' 2.use some of the items in the dynamic listbox for example let's say that line number 4 is a string...
  11. C

    Question trouble with list boxes. ( homework help )

    Hello all. I'm having difficulty displaying text using a FOR-NEXT loop and displaying its results to a list box. At this point, I don't know if there's something I'm not doing to the ListBox1's property to make it display a list. I've followed many examples but all present results to a console...
  12. S

    ListBox Docking Weirdness

    I have an application which you choose what you want to do in a series of listboxes. I have the list boxes docked, however, the bottom of the list box isn't quite at the bottom of the form. I have a screen shot attached to visualize the problem. Or, is this normal behavior? Thanks, Shane.
  13. B

    Question Listbox, Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism

    I wasn't quite sure how to label this but that should cover it all. I am using Linq to Sql classes to query a SQL Server table. That part is working fine. I'd like to add the records to a listbox and not just text. I can do this and it works. To get it to display something meaningful in the...
  14. D

    Question Obtain listbox items from another form.

    Hi, I apologize if I don't get enough supporting data or if this has been resolved already. However, I am using Visual Basic 2010 Express. I have 2 forms. A main form which does all the grunt work and then a small supporting form to get some additional user inputs. Some program background...I...
  15. Grayda

    Loading listbox selected items from a database

    Hi, I was originally going to ask this question, but I did a little poking around and came across the answer myself. Because I couldn't find the answer anywhere else, I thought I'd post it here for others to use. I was writing a program that would save the contents of a listbox to a database...
  16. Yan Yaramillo

    About Listbox and a textbox

    :tears_of_joy: Hi! Here's my question. I'm trying to make an aplication in wich you'll use the textbox to select an item form the listbox If the listbox has: One Two Three Four And if I want to select one of them without using the mouse but only with a textbox then what should I do? Well...
  17. B

    Question X path......

    Hey guys,I'm new to the forums and Have a little bit of coding experience . But I have encounted a problem ,which I was wondering if you guys could help me out with. I'm creating a program in which I need to extract the element field names and list them in a listbox Heres a example of what I'm...
  18. J

    Question Search Problem?

    Hello everyone I'm wondering how to return search results from a youtube search query into a listbox in my fourm, if anyone knows how to please help! Thanks for reading
  19. U

    Question Programatically select ITEM in LISTBOX if it CONTAINS text from a textbox

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so please don't flame me if I post anything wrong.. I'm somewhat a "noob" at coding, but I try to learn..! (not just copy paste/leech/...) My problem: Can I let my program select an item in a listbox based on a string (f.e. textbox.text)? So basicly, if an item in...
  20. O

    ListBox & Several Timers

    How do i make a ListBox with the addition of each item, the item be removed after 4 seconds? Added time and number of items is unknown. Other parts of the job application should not be hampered. I know that thread should I use, but I do not know. Thanks for your help
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