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    Mapping datatable that I am binding to a datagridview

    Hi: I would like someone can help me, I want to mapping a datatable to show in the datagridview the names in diferents columns. i placed an image. thanks in advance.
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    Question enabling gridview column at runtime

    Hi, I have a gridview with one of the columns disabled at design time and based on a specific role of the user I need to enable it in run time. so: If user_role = isfromthisgroup then gridview.col(4).enable end if How can this be achieved? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    binding a dataset(computer column) to a datagridview

    before posting i searched in google and youtube. but still i cant figure it out. maybe someone can simplify it to me.. i watched a video from youtube but i cant figure out why.. some properties arent showing in my vb just like the one needed in the...
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    A tip for making "columns" in list boxes

    Hello all! My name is Camron, and this is my first post on the VB.NET forums. I joined the forums because I am using Visual Studio this semester in my school. Anyway, I thought I would share a neat little trick with everyone for creating "columns" in a list box without having to use...