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Sep 30, 2009
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i'm a newbie at vb and trying to get my project to connect to msql

what is the situation and what have i done...:

- making the project on my pc
- downloaded and installed the msql connector
- make the program connect and work with local msql (on my pc, using Wamp server) ==> works fine
- my server and my pc are on the same router buth recive an internet ip
- i tryed to connect to it using : and using ==> don't work
- firewalls are off, no software that blocks anything.
- i connected my pc directly to my server using and and mask ==> don't work

tryed to instal xampp ==> same problem

so whatever i do i can connect to the msql if it is localhost and can't connect if it is lan or wan

has some one had these problems before ?

please help me


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