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    Question Reading data from a progress database

    Hello all I am using 201 2and i need to connect to a progress database via an odbc connection, read data and then save that data to a SQL database. I have suprised myself by being able to do this but i can only read a few records into the app then onto SQL before i get an error message...
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    Question How to connect

    Hello everybody you will excuse my poor englsih I am french, since two month I began to develop an application using Vb.Net . This application must use a database . I chose MS SQL Server for the database, but I dont know how to connect my application to MS SQLSERVER. Please can somebody...
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    Visual Studio connect to Msql remote

    hi, i'm a newbie at vb and trying to get my project to connect to msql what is the situation and what have i done...: - making the project on my pc - downloaded and installed the msql connector - make the program connect and work with local msql (on my pc, using Wamp server) ==> works fine -...