visual studio 2008

  1. D

    error in conversion wizard of visual studio 2008

    hi friends i am fairly new in the field of .net .I have to study a website made in .net framework 1.0 so i deployed it in visual studio 2008 but during conversion to .net 2.0 framework i am getting the error unable to convert project reference plz help and also suggest some book to read as i am...
  2. tgf-47

    Question I'm having problems loading a 2nd report into reportvierwiewer

    I have 2 reports in my project. That is 2 normal microsoft reports. In reportviewer1, my first report is set to be the default report "rptOne.rdlc" I want to add a button to my form that when clicked "rptTwo.rdlc" gets loaded and displayed in reportviewer1. I have tried this, but with...
  3. tgf-47

    Question Select / click - event

    In my crystal report I have columns and rows. Columns displaying my headings and the rows the data in the table. Here is an example ID | Name ----|------ 123 | John 347 | Max 348 | Merry 749 | Pete and so on, u get the picture. NOW ---> When I click on cell B3 (Merry), I want to know what...
  4. K

    Visual Studio connect to Msql remote

    hi, i'm a newbie at vb and trying to get my project to connect to msql what is the situation and what have i done...: - making the project on my pc - downloaded and installed the msql connector - make the program connect and work with local msql (on my pc, using Wamp server) ==> works fine -...
  5. samreay

    Question Problems with Graphic.DrawImage

    Hey guys, Ive been trying to make basically a simple animation player inside a class so that I can use it in a game I have to make for a school IPT project. The problem is hard to explain, but I will try. When I first tested out some code I found, it was not in "class form", ie there were just...
  6. J

    Question Setting up dataset in vb code and querying dataset

    I have a table (tblSpanishVerbs) of spanish verbs and need a function to return the corresponding English verb after passing the Spanish verb. For example, from below i want to pass the verb "comer" and return the verb "eat". I am using Visual Studio Express 2008 and have imported a SQL Server...
  7. mykhaylo

    Question Visual Studio 2005/2008 Add-In

    I am writing a plug for Visual Studio 2005/2008. I want gain access the controls in the following picture: How do it ?
  8. G

    working out total log on time for display in a datagrid

    I'm just starting development with Visual studio 2008 and VB.Net (as in Yesterday). and I'm getting thrown in at the deep end, I'm writing a front end to access a SQL Server 2005 database which is monitoring a whole load of log on sessions and various other data, I want to display the data in a...