Visual Studio 12.0 Install Path error, Splash Screen Crash and SideBySide error fix


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Aug 30, 2014
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These occur when more than 1 installation of the software has occured on the same Hard Drive or SSD.

1. The installation file does not allow you to choose an install path;
2. You use Snoop work around to allow the browse button and install the app but it crashes after Splash Screen;
3. You use Snoop work around to allow the browse button and install the app but it generates SideBySide error.

The solution to all three is time consuming, but relatively Easy.
Step I - you download RevoUninstaller and use it to initiate a uninstall of VS with "Advanced" option checked - to delete all linked software and updates and clear the registry as far as it could.
Step II - you download TuneUp 2014. Go to Registry Editor and click "Search" on the top bar menu. Write "Visual Studio". It will show you another 900 entries (other than the 4000 deleted previously). Those you have to delete one by one, manually, using the tune up "find selected" option (double click on the search result).
Step III - restart the PC and install the software again. It should let you choose an install path, and software should work just fine.

I know the solution to this problem was not easy. It was very frustrating, to not be able to find any actual help. Even MS support is not adequate, or they act surprised about these unistall/fresh install topics.

Well this method works. I hope it's helpful.
And I also hope that MS will finally create a stable uninstall environment for their platforms.

Best Regards and Engineering Success to you all!
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