1. teodor

    Visual Studio 12.0 Install Path error, Splash Screen Crash and SideBySide error fix

    These occur when more than 1 installation of the software has occured on the same Hard Drive or SSD. 1. The installation file does not allow you to choose an install path; 2. You use Snoop work around to allow the browse button and install the app but it crashes after Splash Screen; 3. You use...
  2. N

    Question Templates missing from Windows Phone SDK 7.1

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 and have installed the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 ( on my machine. However, several of the Project Templates were not added, such as Windows Phone 3D Graphics Application. I tried doing a...
  3. O

    help with visual studio installation "the specified module could not be found"...

    help with visual studio installation "the specified module could not be found"... Hi Over the past month I have been trying to get Visual Studio going on my machine but to no avail. I have tried everything under the sun but nothing has seemed to work. From repeated attempts I think there may be...
  4. D

    when it runs it wont start

    when i click debug my program works fine, and it will publish no proble but when t runs it wont start and i get an error: help. i need this done by the thirty'th before i go over seas and cant work on it for a month. i realy dont what to delay it.... ill post my code later when i have access
  5. H

    Question How to make an Installer?

    I have made my program which i want to distribute, how can i make an installation package for it? I know there are third party software i can use to do this, but is there anything in the VB framework that i can use to install it?