1. S

    Question SystemIOException

    Hi Guys, I am getting an error on a program i created, the program seems to work great so i started trying to cause problems (as users will generally do), I have found i can get it to crash if i remove the removable USB drive while it is compressing data to it, below is a small program i...
  2. teodor

    Visual Studio 12.0 Install Path error, Splash Screen Crash and SideBySide error fix

    These occur when more than 1 installation of the software has occured on the same Hard Drive or SSD. 1. The installation file does not allow you to choose an install path; 2. You use Snoop work around to allow the browse button and install the app but it crashes after Splash Screen; 3. You use...
  3. S

    Question Find Where Code Stops

    hi all, I have been working on a project for a few months now and recently i have been having a problem where the program just stops, windows doesn't report it as not responding and the resources used by the program are at normal levels (it isn't increasing). The program basically records data...
  4. R

    BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH occurs when running PING in Parallel.For

    Hi, I would really appreciate some help please with the code below. I created a new project, added a button to a form and put the code below in the click event. When I run it and click the button, after a short while my computer crashes with the Blue Screen Of Death. I have no idea why this...
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