1. L

    Question Background application control.

    Hello, I would like to create an application which will just work in background, and do specific actions by clicking a specific keyboard key, just like in Fraps at example, when the application is like 'always on top' even if other app is on full screen, and You can still control each other by...
  2. teodor

    Visual Studio 12.0 Install Path error, Splash Screen Crash and SideBySide error fix

    These occur when more than 1 installation of the software has occured on the same Hard Drive or SSD. 1. The installation file does not allow you to choose an install path; 2. You use Snoop work around to allow the browse button and install the app but it crashes after Splash Screen; 3. You use...
  3. Neodynamic

    ThermalLabel Visual Editor Add-On 5.0 for .NET just released!

    Empower your .NET apps with the ThermalLabel Visual Editor Add-on! ThermalLabel Editor Add-on is a first-class barcode label designer component for .NET Windows desktop apps (WinForms & WPF) which empowers your own apps by providing an end-user visual label editor! With the ThermalLabel Editor...
  4. I

    Resolved How to disable hyperlinks in WebBrowser?

    Hi, I am extremely new to Visual Basic, and I have only so far made an e-mail sender and an SMS sender (through e-mail). So I am having troubles, I made a quick Web browser that I only want to show one page when you press a button ( you have to enter a name into a textbox and it will then make...
  5. willwork

    Question Problem capturing screenshots as a windows service

    Hi, Basically I have created a windows service using VB 2008 where I am trying to capture screenshots periodically. The timer is working fine and I have tested this. The purpose of the service is to monitor the desktop over night when the user is logged off, by capturing screenshots and...
  6. H

    Question VB Melt Down!!!

    My VB just stuffed up, and my menu strips lost all the menus on them... how can i get this back without going back to past versions, and copying everything back in?:mad:
  7. H

    Question How to make a registration feature for my Visual Basic program?

    I have made a program, that i want to distribute with a free version, and a pay version. I need a code to make the program so the user can pay, and get emailed a link, which i can do, but i need a code to allow the user to enter their User ID, which was sent to them, (ie. 937823) and a...
  8. G

    Question Simple Login System (Pictures)

    Thanks For Looking: Alright well what im trying to do is make a simple login form. Where there is a username and there is a password. There is no multiple accounts just the username and the password. Thats all. The username is going to be "student" and the password is going to be "random1". But...