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Sep 17, 2008
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Alright well what im trying to do is make a simple login form. Where there is a username and there is a password. There is no multiple accounts just the username and the password. Thats all. The username is going to be "student" and the password is going to be "random1". But this is the thing, I need the program to just know that login. And if it excepts the login then it will deploy this code:

MsgBox("If this at any time asks you to run a script click yes or the SchoolWires website will not work")
        ToolStripButton1.Visible = True
        WebBrowser1.Visible = True
        ToolStripButton2.Visible = True
        ToolStripButton4.Visible = True
        ToolStripButton5.Visible = True
        WebBrowser2.Visible = True

So when you click the submit or login button I want that process to go off. Something simple like this:


Something where they just enter in the username and the password and there you go your in. But if you do not enter in the right password nothing happens besides the msgbox saying that it was the wrong username or password. This program is going to be used to help with a little thing im making for my friends at school. School? Yea im a freshmen and I just starting coding in Visual Basic. So if you could please help me out that would be great. Thank you very very much. I hope this was descriptive enough.


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Jan 13, 2009
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ya its fine..... can u give me the code for restricting ZERO in password ....

that is while giving password in text box it must not accept "zero(0)"...

can u...
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