1. H

    Creating a solution from existing source

    Hi, I got a source code which has 2 folders in it. 1: StandaloneApp 2: ApiIfCtrl The standaloneapp folder contains the vb 2005 files and the main form. However, the files in standalone app are using some methods/classes/types from ApiIfCtrl which contains the C Sharp code (its basically an...
  2. S

    Exception: "Update requires a valid InsertCommand..."

    Exception: "Update requires a valid InsertCommand when passed DataRow collection with new rows" This is the error message i got when i tried to update my database. The way i'm trying to update is by creating 2 DataRow objects and adding each to a DataTable that i filled with DataAdapters, then i...
  3. S

    Resolved Is there somewhere i can download vb .net 2005?

    i've looked all over xanadu, but i can't find a copy of visual basic .net 2005 express edition... my computer died (not a metaphor or personification; it literally died (it was alive)), so i need to download it again... does anyone know of a site that still offers this program?
  4. G

    Question Simple Login System (Pictures)

    Thanks For Looking: Alright well what im trying to do is make a simple login form. Where there is a username and there is a password. There is no multiple accounts just the username and the password. Thats all. The username is going to be "student" and the password is going to be "random1". But...
  5. A

    Problem with modifying a DataSource

    I am using a DataSource based on an programm object (one of my classes). When changing the class definition (deleting or adding a field/property definition) I have problems to get the new/modified class/datasource to replace the old one. Meaning: the new class field declarations do not show up...
  6. bandet ace

    Seting a timer to "setwindowontop" every 500 milliseconds

    I have the settings sat and it added ect,i just don't know the coding for it to set window on top every 500 milliseconds. Anyone help me with this?