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Apr 9, 2010
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I got a source code which has 2 folders in it.

1: StandaloneApp
2: ApiIfCtrl

The standaloneapp folder contains the vb 2005 files and the main form. However, the files in standalone app are using some methods/classes/types from ApiIfCtrl which contains the C Sharp code (its basically an interface library interfacing a dll).

I don't know how to create a vb 2005 solution from this source.

I tried to create an empty project, then added the StandaloneAPP files in it .. and then added a new folder name "ApiIfCtrl" and then added those csharp files to it. but i could not get it compile due to reference problems ..

Can someone guide me how to create a solution from this hierarchy??


I apologize is this is not a correct section to post such a question.


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Aug 17, 2004
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Do those folders contain project files or just code files, i.e. are there VBPROJ files in there or just VB files?

If there are project files present then you can create a new solution and then add the two projects to it, which you'd do by right-clicking the solution in the Solution Explorer.

If there are just code files then you would create a new solution and create two new projects, one an application and the other a library. You would then add the source files to the projects by right-clicking the projects in the Solution Explorer.

In both cases, the application project should reference the library project directly. In the first case you may have to remove an existing reference to the DLL first.
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