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  1. R

    Question prob while trying to use MD5 for password

    Iam getting 3 :frown::frown::frown:errors while trying the below code for storing the password of registered user as md5 hash and performing hash check at time of login... please help me out.... thanks in advance !!! Option Strict On Imports System.IO Public Class LoginForm1 #Region...
  2. M

    Question How to Login to multiple sites(POST method and referer)

    hi guys, This is my first post. I've followed this tutorial and i want to modify it a little bit. And the author, i think is very busy. Here is the code he got: Imports System.Net Imports System.Text Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Dim logincookie As CookieContainer Private...
  3. A

    Question how to insert values in database using table adapter?

    i want to use the data adapter for standard login and registration procedures. my first form is a login window contaning 2 textboxes,one for username and one for password.. i used a table adapter to connect to database.. using sql statement.in the adapter "SELECT COUNT(*) AS Result...
  4. JuggaloBrotha

    VS2005/2008 Login Form

    I've made a basic loginform in VS 2005 for anyone to use (Continued from the VS 2003 version), here's the zip file containing the form, feel free to use & modify it freely ... you dont even need to tell me about it How it works: Make an instance of it then you can set the properties UserId...
  5. G

    Question Simple Login System (Pictures)

    Thanks For Looking: Alright well what im trying to do is make a simple login form. Where there is a username and there is a password. There is no multiple accounts just the username and the password. Thats all. The username is going to be "student" and the password is going to be "random1". But...
  6. formlesstree4

    Database Driven Login form with Admin backend (Image Heavy)

    Well, I asked around here, got a partial answer that really helped out, but I decided to write an official How To on a database driven login form. I'll include the Administration Backend to go along with it soon. Dial-Up users should not use this thread, it is image heavy So, here we go...
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