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Nov 16, 2005
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I've been searching the internet for information about pre-compiling .NET code to native machine language. It seems that .NET Native is what I'm looking for but all of the info I've found online is several years old... Including Microsoft's at March of 2017 which states that
"For Windows apps for Windows 10, you upload .NET Native Code Compilation binaries in app packages (.appx files) to the Windows Store."
What does this mean?... I won't get a single exe file that can be freely distributed?
There's also no information about how to implement it.
Several other sites have stated that only .NET Core can be pre-compiled.
My main objective, other than freeing myself from the requirement of having the correct .NET Framework installed on the users' machine, is to prevent reverse engineering of the app. I may end up just obfuscating the code, but a pre-compiled exe would be really nice. Is this a pipe dream?