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Oct 7, 2009
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First Post....

I've built many reports based on many architectures ranging from web-based reports using java/struts, to batch reports using cobol. Super easy. I had control.

Enter rdlc reports....I'm a little new to VS and

I have built an entire standalone application building my own datasets/datatables in code. That's how I'm used to working with data. I have steered clear of using the gui-based dataset builder because I don't understand some of the fundamental aspects of it, how to filter data. Well, it seems that I cannot find a way to build my own datasets in code and apply them to a particular report.

I can take a basic dataset with a few tables in them and display that on a report, no problem. But I would like to pass the report an id parameter and give me a specific record from said dataset to display on that report. I've done extensive googling and I guess I can't seem to enter that magic search criteria to get what I'm wanting. I feel really dumb for resorting to asking this question as I'm sure it's been asked a million times.

Could someone give me some guidance on accomplishing this seemingly simple result? No need to regurgitate something that's already in another forum, links will do.

Thanks in advance,

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