1. R

    Question declare BindingSource component at run time with sql database

    I had made a simple app before in which there were two text fields and the BindingSource component was used to fill those fields with data on form load from ms sql server and eventually bind those fields with sql database. but now what i want is that the user tells the sql file name on run...
  2. E

    Available Vacancy: Junior VB.NET Developer / IT Assistant

    Ecology Building Society ? Junior VB.NET Developer / IT Assistant Full time, permanent Salary: To 25,000 GBP depending on experience + superb benefits package Ecology Building Society - a sustainable financial institution based in West Yorkshire - is recruiting for a Junior VB.Net Developer /...
  3. Z

    Question How to retrieve .pdf file from varbinary(max) colunm

    Here is my issue, how do I retrieve a .pdf from varbinary(max) colunm using VB.Net I was able to save to sql using: Dim pdf As String Dim pdfByteArray As Byte() Dim lLenPdf As Integer = Len("C:\pdfFile.pdf") Dim mypdf(100000)() As Byte Dim numBytes As Long =...
  4. A

    Question keeps track of a projects cost

    I was tasked with developing an application that keeps track of a projects cost. They want to be able to run reports on each project's cost in a day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month schedule. I have no idea how to do this and any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks before hand!
  5. E

    Question My programme is very slow

    I have a program, it has become very slow with the passage of time, as especially when it became contains a good number of data Why slow? I used vb.net and sql server this is a project : http://nt.star7arab.com/user.asp?id=1413&f=SoufSchool.rar sorry for my Englsih
  6. R

    Question Defining Scalar Variables For Insertion into SQL

    Hi All I have a really simple web interface with is connected to an SQL server running MS SQL Server 2008. I essentially want the user to be able to enter values into the two text boxes provided and when the button is clicked, these values are inserted into the relevant table in the database...
  7. P

    Question How to obtain the first line of a multiline text field saved into database?

    I have a multi-line textbox whose text is saved into database. Now I need to obtain only the first line of the text to be shown in a datagridview. How can I do it?
  8. S

    Strange Timeout Error

    I've put together the following script, and it runs great on my local machine (w/ SQL Express), but when I change the SQL login information to our company server (SQL Server 2008), it kicks back a timeout error at the second .ExecuteNonQuery() line, which i've colered red. The user credentials...
  9. T

    Question Best option For designing Accounting Software ???!!

    Hello everybody, I am analyzing programming tools to design accounting application that user could download the setup file from my website and install enjoy it !! 1. I need it have minimum requirement to run throw end user, database would be SQL 2008. 2.It must have small size package to...
  10. cwnonthehill

    Problem saving New Row's to multiple tables VB/SQLServer

    Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble making multiple row inserts to different tables. Below is my code. The idea is basically to create new rows in the dataset, then Insert those new rows to my SQL database. The first set (tblComplaint) gets inserted fine. Then when it attempts to Insert...
  11. cwnonthehill

    Question Parent/Child table's in SQL SERVER?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, so thanks in advance for your time and help!! I will do my best to explain my situation... I have two SQL Tables and am using VB to represent a user interface for adding/editing this data... Below are screenshots of my two tables tblCollection =========== and...
  12. jlcruzAME

    Unable to Open Connection in VB Code But Rest of Site Connects

    So in this site we're building, I have a connection String in the web.config to connect to our SQL Server, and it works, as I can create users and login with them. However, I have one page that needs to grab a value from a tasble based on their username. Here is the code that runs: Dim dbCrew...
  13. U

    Is Visual Studio the correct IDE to use for this project?

    Hi All I have a project I need to do for work, and I would just like to know whether VB would be the right way to go? I need to create quite a simple program in which our equipment can be booked out to various clients, and then a popup reminder comes up if the equipment is not returned in...
  14. I

    Question Need Help With dbo.Table.Sql

    I am new to database creation...and when I say new I mean 2 days into it new. I am writing a program to store customer info for a invoice program...kind of like a customer management system...my question is when I add a new database then create a new table and create the fields then save the...
  15. R

    Question SelectParameters in a GridView Control

    Hi All I have a very simple database which I am doing some testing on. It has 1 table (called Table1) and within this table is 1 column (Titled Col1). These holds about 5 VARCHAR values. I am trying to create a simple webpage interface for this table which will allow me to enter a word and then...
  16. nevron

    Nevron Vision for SSRS 2012.1 Released

    Nevron Software is proud to announce the official release of the new Nevron Vision for SSRS suite 2012.1 – the leading Data Visualization suite for SQL Server Reporting Services! The new major version introduces Expressions Everywhere, Controllable Visibility of Essential Chart/Gauge elements...
  17. VBobCat

    Question Casting typed values into SQL-recognizable strings

    Hello people, My application connects to an Access .accdb file and its data is read and written through SQL commands. So I wrote a function that takes data stored into my app's variables, the desired type, and returns the appropriate string in order to compose SQL expressions like "INSERT INTO...
  18. D

    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K.

    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K. An excellent opportunity for an ASP / C# .NET Developer to join a finance company with extraordinary and realistic growth plans. Based in the Kensington area, you will be entering a well funded start up organisation which comes with...
  19. S

    query db, delete based on results

    ok, I have what I hope is an easy problem to fix. i'm try to query a db, store to a temp table, and then query the same db, inner joined with first query. please help. I'm currently getting "access cant find table/query" error. I've tried putting quotes around tmp, and that doesnt work either...
  20. N

    Question Return Types for XSD Functions

    I have an XSD file for all the tables in my SQL Server database. In the TableAdapters in the XSD file, some of my queries return scalar values, but the code for the functions generated by Visual Studio 2010 return an Object rather than a typed value. I know how to manually add functions using...
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