1. J

    Question increment number of fields in MSSQL

    hello everyone, this is part of the algorithm that i need to code using MS SQL k = 1 C1 = generate counts from R1 repeat k = k + 1 INSERT INTO R!k SELECT p.Id, p.Item1, …, p.Itemk-1, q.Item FROM Rk-1 AS p, TransactionTable as q WHERE q.Id = p.Id AND q.Item > p.Itemk-1 . . until Rk = {} so i...
  2. I

    Question sql connection when using sqlDataAdapter

    Hi, Im after some advice on how i go about opening my sqlConnection. At the moment when my program is first run i open the sqlConnection and this is made as a public object so i can reference throughout the program without having to close it untill i close the program. I thought this was fine...
  3. A

    Question SQL dates - Nullreferenceexception was unhandled error

    I have a Monthcalendar from which a date is chosen and a button is clicked. I can store this and have tried formatting it a number of ways so it can be used in an SQL statement to list all incidents which were recorded after that date. PrivateSub MonthCalendar1_DateSelected(ByVal sender...
  4. E

    Question Create Progess Bar for SQL stored procedure

    Could anyone show me how to create a progess bar which discribes the process of a SQL stored procedure? (Really needing help, I had stuck here for nearly a month. Appreciate any help from you guys!)
  5. N

    Question Creating a wishlist for use with ASP.NET Membership

    I am working on a web application that uses ASP.NET Membership. My SQL Server Database therefore includes (along with all the others created when setting up ASP.NET Membership) a table named aspnet_Users which has the fields ApplicationId, UserId, UserName, LoweredUserName, MobileAlias...
  6. D

    SQL String not working to populate datagrid

    Greetings I am just starting out with data access and vb net. I have the following code that works fine if the value of textbox txt_HorseName.Text is not populated, the if statement does evaluate to true and the where clause is not added to the SQL string. The SQL string is valid for both...
  7. M

    Question Remote exec of SQL stored procedure

    Hello We are working on a VB.Net project to execute a SQL Stored Procedure and passing it parameters. We have the execution up and working as expected, however the application will only successfully execute once. On the second execution, it throws the following error: Login failed for user...
  8. S

    Available .NET Web Developer - Pleasant Prairie, WI

    StartDate: IMMEDIATELY! EmployeeType: Contract to HIRE Duration:CONTRACT is 6 – 12 Mo. To PERMANENT PayRate: Contract Rate: $60 - $95/Hr. DOE& Permanent Rate (FTE) $70 -$95K WorkStatus: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1BSponsorship is not available at this time. C2C isavailable for...
  9. J

    Question SqlDataRaeader and Subitems in ListView

    I have an employee timekeeping program that I am writing.I have a listview that contains nine columns. They pull the data via SELECT statement from multiple tables in SQL. I have one table called Overtime that contains a column with overtime codes specific to the employees overtime record The...
  10. S

    Available Jr. .NET Programmer in Dublin, OH

    Start Date: IMMEDIATELY! Employee Type: 6 – 9 Mo. Hrs/Wk.: 40 Pay Rate: TEMP =$24 -28/Hr. PERM = 50K -55K DOE Work Status: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1B Sponsorship is not available at this time. Corp to Corp is available for Green Card Holders. ROLE: Support Developer P1...
  11. Q

    LINQ SQL to Excel Workbook Sheets

    Hello, I'm all set for querying my SQLServer database, that's no prob, but how do I access individual cells of data in a workbook sheet. If, for example, I had a workbook and one of the sheets was contacts with Names, addresses, etc - how would I access the workbook called MyWorkbook.xls and...
  12. C

    Question Create a dynamic user interface to accept 1 or more line items to add to database?

    I'm trying to code a small application that basically manages non product PO's. In other words a front end to a access database that can create/edit/print/email...purchase orders. PO's essentially have some standard info on each such as a PO number, vendor name, date and so forth. They will...
  13. Vani Alcaraz Dinglasan

    Query Builder - Filtering by two columns. is it possible? how

    i try to filtered two columns to make SEARCHING a record more specific what i did is LIKE @ YearLevel + '%' and LIKE @ Semester + '%' but i got an error when i try to filter two columns it says Data type error in expression
  14. R

    binding a dataset(computer column) to a datagridview

    before posting i searched in google and youtube. but still i cant figure it out. maybe someone can simplify it to me.. i watched a video from youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6PYx2MgOCQ but i cant figure out why.. some properties arent showing in my vb just like the one needed in the...
  15. D

    Question OnClick orderby ascending and descending

    Hello, I have developed a site in VB.Net and ASP.Net with a database backend that allows a user to enter a centre code and in return it retrieves all records from the datbase where the centre code matches the one provide in the text box and places all records in to a GridView box. My list is...
  16. A

    Question Checking existence of list item in sql database

    Hi I am trying to check where an item in my array list exists in the database. The list would have already been created at an earlier stage. Now that some items may have been removed from the database, I wish to check the list against that database before removing the items, from the list...
  17. G

    Question Help merging four tables into a datatable

    I currently have a SQL database with four tables. I need to find a way to imalgamate these tables into one. The one table contains a postcode with around 15 or 16 employee numbers attached to it the people covering this area. I then have a staff table which all the employee numbers listed...
  18. S

    Question Red exclamation mark in DGV bound to SQL

    Hi all, Hope you can help me with this silly question: In my application I have bound a datagridview to a SQL2005 bindingsource. I really had to change a database field (more length allowed) and now de DGV displays red exclamation marks and states: 'Colomn 'password' exceeds the MaxLength...
  19. M

    Available Mid-Senior VB.Net / SQL Developer | Crawley, West Sussex, UK | £31k +

    Please see job spec here: Jobs at PropertyADD Thanks!
  20. J

    SQL Server Date comparison Problem

    Ok I have a hosted SQL server 2008 that I am using for an update server for a product catalog. The products table has a column DateModified (dateType) for each product (row) The application uses a local Access 2003 table that contains a table that stores the last date (also dateType) the...
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