1. J

    [VisualStudio] Build Error - Please Help!

    Hi community, i'm new user here.I'm trying modify and build a script from a open source program called WinCdEmu Portable.The portable version have a error in the code and i can use the command line because the software don't recognize the virtual driver installed. This is the line to modify...
  2. A

    Error: Displaying some directory listing instead of output

    Am I accessing something wrongly or missing onto something?
  3. A

    Question Error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

    Background I am trying to create a Fibonacci number sequence with the number of terms decided by the user through a ASP drop down box. The Fibonacci sequence is then displayed in a ASP label control further down the page. The code (below) works fine for up to 45 or so terms. However if a user...
  4. duckhouse

    Question Program Crashes Yet No Error Message

    Hey Forum I am using VB.NET Framework 3.5 . I have a very complicated program with over 40 forms and 100s of lines of coding. Earlier today, this program worked perfectly. I decided to change the Assembly Name from APA to Salamander. I do not get any errors and things seem to be going fine...
  5. B

    Question Application Validation Cannot Succeed Unable to continue Error??

    Basically i am trying to make a form which is in essence a switchboard. Just some buttons to launch some executables. Here is my code: Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click...
  6. G

    Resolved Exporting from Access to Text File

    Hi, this is my problem: i've some data in an access database, i collect this data from the table and when i try to record the data in the text file, with the fields separated with a "!", the registration fails, better, doesn't register all the datas that are in the table. This is the code...
  7. C

    Question SQL Server license validation file error

    I have recieved the following error when trying to launch SSMS and have found many other instances online where people have had the same problem but no solution. Does anyone know what the fix is or where I could search further? Thanks. 'An error has occurred while trying to access the license...
  8. S

    Datagridview keeps adding unwanted new column

    Hi all.... if anyone can help me with this i would be very greatfull! Im using VB08 Express Edition I have simply made a new project (windows form application). Put 2 dataviewgrids on the form. Added 3 columns to each grid (at design time). I then added one line of code as follows to the rows...
  9. bakesomecakes

    Question Problem Importing data Excel (6.05708e+008)

    I am trying to import some data from excel. i am using visual studio 2008 .net 3.5, on win xp sp3 the data that is being imported form excel is being edited somewhere in the import. i am sure it is somthing todo with the olddb connection. the data is coming out like this 6.05708e+008 the...
  10. S

    please help with login error

    Hello Im trying to create a login page which accesses a mysql database I keep getting this error: reference to a non shared member requires an object reference heres the line of code : Dim reader As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader = New...
  11. I

    Handle error or exception when host is down

    Hi in some part of my code i am forwarding the user to a different page. eg { Response.redirect("") } Now i want to check if the website is available and if not then user should not see page not found, rather i should keep him on my website only, showing a gracefull error...
  12. tottino

    Handling errors

    guyz.. can i suggest that someone add a lessons about error handling in please cuz i'm really facing a huge problems with their handling
  13. R

    Question Publish, Install - but doesn't work

    Hi, I am fairly new to programming and I am using VS express 2008. I wrote a program that builds and works find on the host machine, however when I publish and install it on another machine, the program starts but gives me an error as soon as i try to click a button... I am not...
  14. E

    Question Reflection Error Loading Assembly

    Hi all! i am writing a simple games client using an XNA 2.0 engine to play games. The games are written in dll files and the client uses the assembly.loadfrom method to read and execute the games accordingly... Now this all works fine on my computer and my laptop. However when i give it to my...
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