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May 20, 2008
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I'm having some issues that I think must be related to the security set-up of my PC but I don't know where to start looking to fix them.

When I create a new application in 2008 Express Edition and run the program from within the IDE the form title says 'Trusted - Form 1 - <machine name>'. In the IDE it is only 'Form 1'. BTW - VS only makes this change after the project has been saved. If I don't save it the form title stays at Form 1.

Can anyone suggest how I change the security setting of the project so that this doesn't happen - or if this isn't a security issue can someone point me in the right direction to fix this annoying problem?

I also use the RadRibbon Control for Windows Forms and when I save this project the system tells me that the form isn't trusted and refuses to run it at all. So I'm hoping that by fixing the 'trusted' issue on a standard form I might fix the problem with the RadRibbon Control.

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Vishal Rana

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Jan 23, 2008
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Maybe it is related to the .NET security settings. Try adjusting the .NET Security using the .NET Framework Configuration Tool | Runtime Security Policy | Adjust Security Zone.

Setting MyComputer/Local Computer trust Level to Full.
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