1. L

    Question put a 'Product Key' into my program?

    Sorry If this is the wrong section. Okay so I'm currenty designing my website. Welcome Now, It does not use Databases for the member system as I do not know how to do it, So Instead of that I decided to start programming again and I could use it for my programs. You can send other users...
  2. DavidRathbone

    Label Arrays With Option Strict On Made Easy

    Looking on the web very few have got VB.net 2008/2010 using object arrays working. I felt it was time to give back what I have taken from the web for any other users. VB6 had a simple object array system which has been lost in VB.net As a C#/ C++ programer I like dot.net but think "Basic"...
  3. D

    Resolved how to play sounds in vb 9

    well i wanted to make a piano with visual basic 2008 and i searched around the internet to see how to play a sound but my search returned results relating only to visual basic 2005 & 6 so i am again forced to waste your time (sorry about that) plz help me oh and i also have the wav soundfiles...
  4. I

    Resolved How to disable hyperlinks in WebBrowser?

    Hi, I am extremely new to Visual Basic, and I have only so far made an e-mail sender and an SMS sender (through e-mail). So I am having troubles, I made a quick Web browser that I only want to show one page when you press a button ( you have to enter a name into a textbox and it will then make...
  5. willwork

    Question Problem capturing screenshots as a windows service

    Hi, Basically I have created a windows service using VB 2008 where I am trying to capture screenshots periodically. The timer is working fine and I have tested this. The purpose of the service is to monitor the desktop over night when the user is logged off, by capturing screenshots and...
  6. B

    Question VS 2008 Trusted Form Title

    I'm having some issues that I think must be related to the security set-up of my PC but I don't know where to start looking to fix them. When I create a new application in VB.net 2008 Express Edition and run the program from within the IDE the form title says 'Trusted - Form 1 - <machine...