1. W

    Form Resizing when you click on an element inside of it - driving me nuts

    Hi thanks for helping, first off i'm not an expert coder this is just something i do in the spare time for this company, but i can usually figure things out. This one though i cant figure out for the life of me and its driving me nuts. I have a company form setup that interacts to and from a...
  2. E

    datagridview and DB Firebird

    Hello everyone. I am developing a Windows Forms application with Visual Studio 2010 and on the "load" of a form I inserted the following code that takes data from a Firebird DB and I would populate a "datagridview" but I can not: Private Sub Form1_Shown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e...
  3. VBobCat

    Question WebBrowser Control disables the Form when it navigates while not visible

    Hello friends, My application has a single Form. It always shows in full dock one of a set of several UserControls. They alternate as user demands different functions from the application, so that the Form is one along all runtime and it remains the same. Note: this is the desired design. To...
  4. P

    Question Control not working in a new child form as expected

    I am using the below code to open a new form: Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click Dim NewMDIChild As New mdgeneral 'Set the Parent Form of the Child window. NewMDIChild.MdiParent = Me 'Display the new form...
  5. A

    Question Checking one procedure before running another.

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to Programming so hopefully this will be an easy one ;-) I am completing a Windows form assignment (which is due in 48 hours!) and I basically need the following to occur. I have one procedure that adds together whatever numbers are placed into text boxes (simple...
  6. T

    Question Login validation error

    I need help with this bit of coding. Everytime it loads, it loads perfects and when you enter the correct credentials it works perfect. However when you enter the wrong credentials, the login window pops back up again, but when you enter the right credentials it displays the correct message box...
  7. D

    Closing Form and exiting application

    Hi, I have a dilemma, I am writing a windows form app in 2010 visual basic, but here my dilemma I have a main switch board form that I want to close when the user I click's a button to open other forms. But on my main form I have an application exit button which handles the closing the...
  8. VBobCat

    Warning due to conflict between Form's Shared Function and its Default Instance

    My project has a "Dialog" Form. Its purpose is to allow user to select none, some or all itens among the content of a default array. This default array with all possible choices must be dynamically generated on runtime. This gets done by function defined into the class of that class. Whenever...
  9. C

    Connection Between Forms On Different Computers?

    Im working on a desktop sharing application, i already know how to capture screen frames and display on picturebox, also im learning how to use winsocket, but is it possible to make a connection lets say you type the persons ip which you want to conect to, then they must have the app installed...
  10. reedone816

    Question autopostback without updating sqldatasource

    hi, I hope someone can help me. here I got 2.0 (vs 2008) with in codebehind. I have a page that shows form and certain chart that takes the data from sqldatasource (I use the code behind page load to update the sqldatasource.selectcommand value). now the database is quite slow...
  11. B

    Question Make a Form TopMost but only when an other Form is opened

    Hi! I'm new on the forum here so don't be to hard on me :) Im busy with a schoolproject. Im making a Visual OS in VB.Net. My problem is that i want to make a Form TopMost but only when a specific othe Form is opened. Screen 1,2,3 are Form1,2,3 I've made an app: Form 4 When I open the app on...
  12. N

    Question Programmatically resetting a form

    I have a form on my page that I want to reset after it is submitted. I am trying to use the JavaScript Form.reset(); method to do this, but it doesn't seem to be working. I would just resort to manually setting the value of each control, but this would not work because my page hase a FileUpload...
  13. R

    Dual Screens

    How can I check if a computer has multiple screens? And is it possible to move form to other screens aswell?
  14. S

    Need Partner In Coding

    hey everybody. im making an application for a game to match up clans for fair battle (Clan Battle MatchMaker) and ive almost completed the whole gui interface and most of the coding. BUT im having a little bit of troubles with getting the email form to email me the information that i want. and i...
  15. EricBentley

    Problem reloading/refreshing form

    Hey guys, new to the forums. Been browsing here for a while, casually taking help off other peoples threads, but I come to you now in my time of despair. I've been working on this game the past few days, a simple game where two people control different tanks, and shoot each other, very basic so...
  16. jessethebuilder

    Help Communicating Between Forms

    I am a a self-taught programmer so there are some huge gaps in my understanding about programming, but I will try to explain my problem as best I can. I have found the help on vbdotnetforums to be exemplary, and I thank any of you for your help in advance. I am using VS2010. I am writing a...
  17. M

    Trial expiration

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I need help turning my application so that it expires every 365 days and so they can not run it. i have a start. the error says that it cant convert my string to a date. here is the function to check the trial (currently set to 1 day) Public Function...
  18. S

    Question Draw on a control on form load

    Dear all, I'm new in the forum. I have a simple but annoying problem: in a ordinary form I added a label (Label1) and a button (Button1) with the followiing handler. Well if I press Button1 my dot dashed line is correctly drawn over Label1, but what I need is that program automatically does it...
  19. C

    Question How do I access a DataTable on another form?

    Hello all, I have a DataSet(dssongs) with a DataTable(dtsongs) on a form(songsForm). I am adding rows to the dataTable using the following code: Dim dr As DataRow = songsForm.dtSongs.NewRow dr.Item("colSongFile") = file dr.Item("colSongTitle") = ""...
  20. S

    Question Form BackgroundImage position

    Hi all, is there a way to put image in lower right corner of form by using BackgroundImage? sisquo76
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