Form Resizing when you click on an element inside of it - driving me nuts


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Dec 8, 2016
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Hi thanks for helping, first off i'm not an expert coder this is just something i do in the spare time for this company, but i can usually figure things out. This one though i cant figure out for the life of me and its driving me nuts. I have a company form setup that interacts to and from a SQL server for basic data logging and (projects, clients, etc..) nothing the fancy.

the form opens, and when i click on a field inside of it the entire form resizes and all the sudden things don't fit right anymore. No idea whats causing this and even how to figure out what is causing this.

any thoughts, ideas or direction would be much appreciated.

i have a video example and a few screen shots of the form setup attached.



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Jan 4, 2018
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No one's replied to this in over a year ! unbelievable !

I can't tell you specifically what's happening, but I notice you've changed the 'AutoScaleMode' from the default 'Font' to 'DPI', this may be part of your trouble. I notice also that the Font of the Form 'EstimatingEntry' is still at it's default setting. And I'm guessing that your Textboxes (?) have a more readable point size.

If you change the form's font to the same point size as your Textboxes, first I'd expect the form size to increase in the designer, although with AutoScaleMode set to DPI it may not. See if that changes anything when you run the app..
You could also change AutoScaleMode to (maybe) 'None' and try again.

Maybe someone will put you straight now that your question has at least one answer... Always assuming you've not figured it out already. (Already !)



Meant to add:

It can seem to be that AutoScaleMode is for the form in which it's set for your application, but it's there for a different reason. When you run an application on a computer with a screen definition which is different to the one upon which the application was written, the application's form will be a different size to the original. e.g. If the original screen had a screen size of (say) 1920x1080 and your Form's size is (say) 1000,800, if you run that application on a machine with a screen definition of (say) 800,600 the form won't fit on the screen...

So, Microsoft have tried to make amends by giving us the AutoScaleMode. The application will try to adjust the size of the form on the new screen so that it's the same percentage of the new screen size as it was on the original. If this is set at the default of 'Font', it'll base the adjustment using relative font sizes, if set to DPI it'll compare Dots Per Inch of the two screen. Other options are available.


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