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  1. priyachaudhary

    I got the question on the surface app

    I am trying, so far unsuccessfully to find a reference to writing a Surface App (to include gestures like swiping and flicking), yet it seems to be one big secret! Am I missing a trick somewhere?
  2. W

    Form Resizing when you click on an element inside of it - driving me nuts

    Hi thanks for helping, first off i'm not an expert coder this is just something i do in the spare time for this company, but i can usually figure things out. This one though i cant figure out for the life of me and its driving me nuts. I have a company form setup that interacts to and from a...
  3. J

    Question Application Crash Situation...

    Suppose we are using a .net based application for data entry. The data entry is done using disconnected environment. 1. while or before updation if the user machine crashes, what will happen to the entered data? 2. and In same case if server crashes what will happen to the data from other users?