Update requires a valid UpdateCommand


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Nov 2, 2004
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Hello All,

I'm starting to code in VB.NET. I'm already working on VB.NET 2005. I had some basical notions on VB6 / VB.NET.

I'm actually having a problem with Data Access.

I imported an Access (XP) Database in a Dataset on my application (using the wizard). I did a datagrid to show the datas stored in a table (with relations!!). It works. When I double click on a item in the Datagrid it shows a windows form in which I put a DataNavigator (with a Filter to only show the item I selected).

Now, when I will do some modification using my windows form and save them I always have the following error message :
"update requires a valid updatecommand when passed datarow collection with modified row".

Can anyone help me on this newbie question please ?

Thank you in advance.
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