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May 26, 2009
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Hi all, I'm new in these forums (and to vb or .net) so go easy on me!

My question is, what is the simpleist way to split an image (384 x 256) into smaller peices (32 x 32). I will be using the images seperated only for animation and I dont need to save them or anything like that. I'm new to the whole programming concept and I hope is as easy as I'm hoping, I'v only made a couple of programs so explain well! thanks in advance, ell.

Ps. Im using visual basic 2008 express edtion.


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Aug 30, 2005
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GDI+ can handle this for you, though i'm not sure how well it will perform. There is a function in the Graphics class called DrawImage. It has about 25+ overloads and one of them accepts arguments for a source bitmap for which you can provide co-ordinates of the part of the image you want, you could run this in a loop and then save the part of the image to a bitmap array.


Simply set up the co-ordinates of the part of the images you need in the order you need them maybe in a two dimensional array of integers. Then during the animation you can just supply a routine with the current frame coordinates and draw that part of the image to where ever you need.

Personally I think this may be better accomplished by breaking down the image into frames in a photo editor and then loading them into an image list or bitmap array. Multiple calls to GDI+ will start to become expensive due to the number of interop calls, so it's best to eliminate unnecessary P/Invoking where possible.

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