1. D

    Question Modifying an image and Saving it

    Hello ! I want to load an image from file then modify it with Graphics object methods like rotating and scaling. I managed to load image and sscaling it and drawing it on form, but how to save it with the modifications? That what I want to know. Brifly, How to create a graphics object from...
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    Question Dial Gauge Meters are not easy to make

    I am trying to make a dial meter.I am success full 75 present.I involve sine cosin values. and background pictures.this I am moving by a VScroll bar.For example my gauge is for measuring pressure.max. pressure is 250 Lbsmy gauge is circuler.I have one label also it shows a direct read out for...
  4. nineclicks

    Message overlay on form

    My Windows Form has lots of split containers and listviews and stuff. I would like to have non-interrupting alerts popup on my form. Like a messagebox without interrupting the user's input of text or clicking. Then have it disappear by itself, preferably a fade effect. I plan on having a status...
  5. C

    Question Shrink a bitmpap with high resolution

    Hi to all, I have written this code to resize (shrink) a bitmap: Public Function ResizeBitmap(bm_source As Bitmap, scale_factor As Double) As Bitmap Try Dim bm_dest As New Bitmap(CInt(bm_source.Width * scale_factor), CInt(bm_source.Height * scale_factor)) Dim g As Graphics =...
  6. G

    Question PrintPage: DrawString from Function. How to create Graphics from Function?

    Hi! I'm using a PrintDocument to create a report and I need to create a line from a function. I'm doing this: Private Sub Crate_String(ByVal Str As String) Dim gr As Graphics gr.DrawString(str, Font, Brushes.Black, x, y) end sub But give error with the graphics object: It says to use the...
  7. N

    Question Creating a 3D Cube

    I am creating an app for Windows Phone 7, and am trying to figure out how to make a simple cube. Even though I have been using VB.NET for over 8 years and writing Windows Phone 7 apps for a reasonable amount of time, I am new to 3D graphics. If somebody could help get me started on 3D in .NET (I...
  8. M

    Graphics circles interact?

    Hey guys, Right now i'm working on a project trying to design a game in visual basic 2008 where you control a ball with your mouse and must dodge other circular balls that bounce around the screen. To accomplish this, I use the graphics generator to both generate my ball and the computer balls...
  9. R

    Question Graph

    Hi I am working on a project which requires continuous plotting of power of a signal. will receive data through serial port and I want to plot these values as a bar graph. The values sent via the serial port is basically the power coefficients of the samples of the signal. I want to plot...
  10. S

    Question How can i draw a directed line in visual ?

    i Want to draw a Directed Weighted Graph in Vb.NET...:D but can't get codes for directed line... i need a vb code to draw a Directed line with a text box in center of line to weight that Edge with mouse Events... Plz provide a Code or a Whole project (application) in urgent (in 2 days) .... Thanks
  11. B

    Question Get bounds of GraphicsPath

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way I can get the REAL bounding rectangle for a graphicspath, for example a path consisting from one or more bezier curves. The bezier curves in the path have control points and the function .GetBounds takes these points in account. But I only want to get the bounds...
  12. E

    Question Split an image into seperate 32x32 peices

    Hi all, I'm new in these forums (and to vb or .net) so go easy on me! My question is, what is the simpleist way to split an image (384 x 256) into smaller peices (32 x 32). I will be using the images seperated only for animation and I dont need to save them or anything like that. I'm new to the...
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