1. C

    Resolved Image ColorKey and ColorMatrix

    Hello everyone, first post here and looking for some guidance on what I think should be something simple, but I've been playing with it for hours getting nowhere. Perhaps I don't understand the ColorMatrix well enough, but there is almost no documentation on it, well anywhere. What I am trying...
  2. D

    How to properly open a Image using Bitmap Class and dispose it properly

    I am looking for a code snippet which opens a image, creates a clone of this bitmap in memory disposes this opened image so that all handles are closed. Usually we can open a bitmap using this Dim MyBit as new bitmap("C:\Image file.bmp") dim ClonedBit as bitmap = MyBit.clone MyBit.dispose the...
  3. samreay

    Question Problems with Graphic.DrawImage

    Hey guys, Ive been trying to make basically a simple animation player inside a class so that I can use it in a game I have to make for a school IPT project. The problem is hard to explain, but I will try. When I first tested out some code I found, it was not in "class form", ie there were just...
  4. E

    Question Split an image into seperate 32x32 peices

    Hi all, I'm new in these forums (and to vb or .net) so go easy on me! My question is, what is the simpleist way to split an image (384 x 256) into smaller peices (32 x 32). I will be using the images seperated only for animation and I dont need to save them or anything like that. I'm new to the...
  5. Guy Boyangu

    Using PrintDocument to print Alpha-Blended GDI+ Graphics

    Hi There, I've been trying to use the Graphics instance generated by the PrintDocument to render Alpha Blending graphical objects (i/e rectangle filled with Brush=100,255,0,0) - but without any luck, they all appear.... defected in a way, can't really point the finger on whats going on there...
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