1. D

    mouse event not fire on shapes

    I'm new in wpf, I need to recreate the behavior of an old winform drawing app. In the winform app I used this event MouseMove MouseClick MouseDown MouseUp Basically there are 2 main behavior: single click managed from MouseClick(that contains drawing logic) and "press and move" managed by...
  2. D

    mixing StreamGeometry and shapes

    I'm drawing a chart from a binary file with StreamGeometry, and work fine; I need to do a "selection effect" so I tryed to add the code that I have tested alone that draw a semitrasparent rectangle clicking the mouse, but it have an odd behavier: before to draw the chart(done by clicking the...
  3. nineclicks

    Message overlay on form

    My Windows Form has lots of split containers and listviews and stuff. I would like to have non-interrupting alerts popup on my form. Like a messagebox without interrupting the user's input of text or clicking. Then have it disappear by itself, preferably a fade effect. I plan on having a status...
  4. martinandrovich

    DirectX Free Hand Drawing

    Hello forum, I wonder, if there is any way I can use DirectX to do Free Hand Drawing on a PictureBox or etc? I need to use some hardware accelerated graphics, to quickly paint on the PictureBox. A "simple" GDI+ Drawing isn't fast enough for me :( Any suggestions?
  5. R

    DrawRectangle on Picturebox not working

    I've coded a project to use a webcam for motion tracking (like many others). I use avicap32.dll and receive images happily at 640x480 i then grab a frame for reference then grab another frame and difference them to produce a black and white picturebox (picture4) I then use this picture to create...
  6. Grayda

    Question Charting and annotations

    I've managed to get a good grip on the charting component that was introduced with .NET 4. I've managed to create a chart, add some series and legends and plot out some data. I've also worked out annotations in the designer, but cannot do so programatically. I've searched on a few sites, but...
  7. G

    Help with drawing a simple street for a car game

    Hi, I'm doing an app like a car game. I need to paint over a vector of points connected forming a line. The paint is like a street. Here is an example: I have a red trace that is the sight for drawing a street on it. The origin of this red line is from GPS coordenates. Here is a picture of...
  8. E

    Question Split an image into seperate 32x32 peices

    Hi all, I'm new in these forums (and to vb or .net) so go easy on me! My question is, what is the simpleist way to split an image (384 x 256) into smaller peices (32 x 32). I will be using the images seperated only for animation and I dont need to save them or anything like that. I'm new to the...
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