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Apr 18, 2005
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Hi I'm very new to VB.Net But I am attempting to build along with several other peers, an interpreter for Forth.

My question is basically about space recognition or acknowledgement... which ever it may be that we want to be able to input data and have it seperated by spaces such as "8 45 +" and have that processessed and stored in an array. But I have searched for space manipulation and have only gotten things like howt o add additional spaces or take away spaces but none on recognizing and doing that. I would appreciate any help or a nudge towards a tutorial or recommended website. Thank you ahead of time and I'm going to keep searching for the answer. :)
Awesome Thanx

Thank you both very much :) I'll try both solutions. Boy its great to see that there is help out there :D!! Once again Thank you :)
I dont know if this may be what your looking for...

Dim str1 As String = "ppp"
Dim strRes As String = str1.Insert(2, "bbb")
the result string is "pbbbpp"

The Insert statement for string manipulation....