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Nov 16, 2005
Columbia, SC
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As Visual Studio provides a default Dotfuscator for personal use, I checked with PreEmptive Dotfuscator about their pricing for the version used for commercial apps. The 1-Year term subscription price is $4,250. They also offer a 3-Year term single-payment option for $11,225. For this kind of cash I'd consider writing my own obfuscator. I can't imagine why they feel like their software is worth so much. Can anyone outside of fortune 500 companies even consider this?

Looking at their 'obfuscated code' in ILSpy, it appears as if their system does a good job of renaming variables but it does not rename class names. So a hacker is half way to breaking your code by having all of the original class names, which typically indicate what it is that the class does. Also none of the strings are encrypted. I'm a novice and I could get a good start on hacking the obfuscated code, but of course, I know what it is supposed to be doing.

Surely there must be some more affordable options out there that do as good a job as Dotfuscator or hopefully better.
'Anyone have any experience with 'obfuscar'?
Any recommendations ???
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