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May 10, 2005
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Hi guys, this is my second review of these controls, and it will be quite different than the first.

A few months ago I was engaged by a client to develop a web based application. He asked me (I guess they all ask the same) to make it good looking and attractive. The first thing I thought of when I heard this was "I must renew my DXperience subscription". And now I am glad I did that.

Before I continue, I would like to say something to those readers who are totally new to DXperience. Guys, we all know that one of the more frustrating things for the ASP.NET developers is designing the good looking application. Well folks, your troubles are over! The DXperience takes much of the agony out of developing and designing an outstanding web application.

Here we go!

FEATURES: DXperience suite offers much more than you would expect. The suite contains a huge number of controls. Yep it has way more controls than any of the competitors. DXperince offers even a themed button that none of the competition does actually. Most importantly all the controls have an amazing feature set.

For instance I love their <strong>Reporting suite</strong>. Hmm do you believe that I created web stats report with amazing possibilities just in 20 minutes? Please check it out:


Yeah you don’t need to use outside hit counters and web traffic analysis tools anymore.

For instance, using this particular report my customer is able to watch the visitors interact with his web site in real time.* He can generate different reports on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis using a different chart views. It’s pretty cool. Isn’t it?

Also I love the new News Control (AspxNewsControl)


I love it because of its simplicity. You just set the data source and voila it works. Plus I love the small popups that display the entire content when you click the details link. Great control indeed!

There are lots of cool controls I left out for the sake of brevity (and it still is probably my longest review to my blog) but, I will certainly review them all in time.

LEARNING CURVE: Possibly the best thing about these controls is the <strong>low learning curve</strong> and ease of implementation.

Unlike the other 3rd party suites that take time to learn,* DXperience controls are so simple compared to the default ASP.NET controls. Most of the competitors have renamed a lot of the class members (methods, events etc.), which is annoying. Most of the newbie’s are getting frustrated with this, and it is very understandable. DXperience seems to have much better approach in this sense, so you have an impression that you are working with the standard ASP.NET controls.

In order to improve the usability, DXperience controls are separated in different tabs making it easy for users to find wanted control.


Unfortunately the other vendors have put all the controls into one Tab in the Toolbox so it looks like a big mess.

PRICE: DevExpress as an industry leader offers this amazing toolset in a very sympathetic way. They have a several different subscriptions that allows you to buy one that mostly suites your needs. *All the Subscriptions are offered at a very reasonable price (starting at only $799.99 that includes one year updates, support, online training etc.)

Btw, as mentioned, my DXperience subscription was expired so I went forward and renewed it. Actually I asked for a little discount and they gladly gave me one. I cannot reveal how much but, trust me, they were very generous and the price was more than reasonable.

Ah I almost forgot. DevExpress is the only who has a 60-day money back guarantee. None of competitors has this option. Generally speaking, the latest version of DXperience further widens the gap between them and their competition.

SUPPORT: DevExpress has the best online documentation (everything is well explained with bunch of examples and demos) Online Documentation for .NET Components and Libraries by Developer Express and also the best support system.* All your tickets are answered by staff who adopted the very same programming styles to solve the same or similar problems. Therefore you’ll be never confused in that sense. Even the Forum helpers use the same programming styles. Maybe you can’t see the benefit reading this review but, trust me it’s a big deal.

SUMMARY:The DxPerience is a good way to avoid some of the headaches involved with the professional reports, good looking designs and rapid development of your web and win projects.

While not inexpensive, nor able to completely eliminate the programming part, it does provide a much simpler and less irritating way to get things up and running. I have tested all the major 3rd party controls but, these ones are way the better than any other.

For further information on buying DXperience please refer their website WinForms, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, Silverlight - .NET Controls, Reporting, ORM, Visual Studio Tools | DevExpress
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