Some got a quick reply for a rookie?


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Jan 18, 2005
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I used to deploy vb 6.0 on 98 platforms no problem.

Alas I have started with a simple project on vb .net

A simple notification they have received new data.

One form. Compiles no errors. Run fine.

I add the new setup project as told in help.

When I select to install setup, I don't get a setup to install my very basic application... :(

Alas I am new in vb .net and did searches on the web and your forums and am not getting by this should be simple package and deploy process.

Code a way sir, but the basics of deployment have me in a bad jam.

btw ... I even found out I can get the .exe out of the bin folder and run it on xp machines, but am missing .dll's on '98 machines...

Any help would be so very appreciated.

Can't get to that step.

This is my point. I can run the set-up but no result on XP.

From after the "Insert project -- Setup"

At this point I got a solution "WindowApplication1".

  1. Add a deployment project to your solution.
  2. Associate the deployment project with your application project.
  3. Specify where files will be installed.
  4. If you need to add files that are not compiled into your project (such as Help files), you can add them.
  5. If your application uses Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.6 or later, add a launch condition to check for it.
  6. Build the deployment project.
  7. Run the .NET Framework redistributable (Dotnetfx.exe).
  8. Run the setup executable to install your application files on another computer.
Steps I do not understand are : 2 & 7.

Step 7 I found the Dotnetfx.exe file and ran it, weather that suffices I am not sure...

Please. Again any help would be very helpfull.

Thanks again.
Oh sorry I thought you ment it wouldn't work on 98 only. Instead of adding a deployment try just makeing one from scratch. ie new project, deployment project.