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Sending confirmation email to user


Aug 13, 2014
Programming Experience

I am aiming to use Microsoft's AspNet Identity template to send an email confirmation link to a newly registered user. This is the code I have in my register_test.aspx.vb file:

 Protected Sub CreateUser_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

        Dim userName As String = Email.Text
        Dim manager = Context.GetOwinContext().GetUserManager(Of ApplicationUserManager)()
        Dim signInManager = Context.GetOwinContext().Get(Of ApplicationSignInManager)()
        Dim user = New ApplicationUser() With {.UserName = userName, .Email = userName}
        Dim result = manager.Create(user, Password.Text)
        If result.Succeeded Then
            Dim code = manager.GenerateEmailConfirmationToken(user.Id)
            Dim callbackUrl = IdentityHelper.GetUserConfirmationRedirectUrl(code, user.Id, Request)
            manager.SendEmail(user.Id, $"Confirm your account", "Dear {Email}<br><br>Please confirm your account by clicking <a href=""" & callbackUrl & """>here</a>. <br>Your account details are provided below: <br><br>Email:{Email}<br>Password:{Password}")

              signInManager.SignIn(user, isPersistent:=False, rememberBrowser:=False)
            ' IdentityHelper.RedirectToReturnUrl(Request.QueryString("ReturnUrl"), Response) 'This is the original line of code

            Dim target = String.Format("~/success_test.aspx?Email={0}", Email.Text)

            Response.Redirect(target, True)

            ErrorMessage.Text = result.Errors.FirstOrDefault()
        End If
    End Sub
On clicking the button, the user is redirected to success_test.aspx which tells him to click on a link to confirm his email address. At the moment, these emails are not sent anywhere because my files are not uploaded to my Web hosting server, but I would like them to go to a folder on my C drive so I can see what they look like. Therefore, I have this in my Web.config:

      <smtp deliveryMethod="SpecifiedPickupDirectory" from="info@mysite.net">
        <specifiedPickupDirectory pickupDirectoryLocation="C:\TempMail"/>
The emails that contain the link, do not arrive in that TempMail folder on my C drive. I am not using Azure SendGrid, so do I need to add SMTP code in my register.aspx.vb file or Web.config?

Thank you.
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