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Mar 20, 2005
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Morrison Schwartz has just released SharpTools 2.0

SharpTools: an extensible add-in to the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET development environment, including tools like an IDE-integrated Code Library, and a software development kit (SDK) supporting the rapid development of further extensions which will run within SharpTools in the IDE. Now includes an RSS Reader plugin with source, free.

Backup and Restore Wizard: perform backup and restore operations on any local SQL Server or MSDE instance

Database Manager: execute T-SQL scripts, modify database schemas, backup and restore databases, and a host of other necessary functions – against MSDE’s local database

Database Script Automator: generate scripts to build your database tables, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, and even data, making it easy to synchronize your databases.

Calendar Web Control: Freeware licensed, full-featured ASP.NET calendar control

DatePicker Web Control: Combobox or drop-down date entry, freeware ASP.NET control

Listbox Web Control: Supports rich HTML content within list entries – even use CSS. Freeware ASP.NET control.

Dropdown List Web Control: Support rich HTML content within dropdown list entries – even use CSS. Freeware ASP.NET control.

ComboBox Web Control: ASP.NET does not have one! Here’s a freeware one which adds combo box text entry to a dropdown list. Freeware.

ViewState Optimizer: manage the ViewState data for your web pages on the server rather than embedded as a hidden field in your forms

Page State Manager: Preserve state between postbacks in a better way. Does not use hidden frames, does not have the problems that the SmartNavigation feature has. Freeware. Payment Gateway: We wrapped the Authorize.Net API in a friendly and well-organized .NET object model. Handles credit card transactions, eCheck transactions, and provides full support for Card Code Verification (CVV2/CVC2/CID), Address Verification System (AVS), and WellsFargo SecureSource services. Requires an account with Authorize.Net for backend payment processing. Freeware. Shopping Cart: We wrapped the payment gateway further into a full-featured and certified ASP.NET shopping cart based on the Authorize.Net API. Freeware to use. Requires an account with Authorize.Net for backend payment processing.
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