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Jun 3, 2004
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  • VB.NET Forums Reviews Janus Web GridEx
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Latest Review: The Janus Web GridEx

This month we review the leading grid control for ASP.NET by Janus Systems (www.janusys.com). Click here to read the review and see how you can extend your thin client applications with the rich functionality of this amazing web grid control.

Recent Reviews:

Spotlight: ASP.NET E-Commerce with the best - AbleCommerce

Are you ready to sell your hard earned VB.NET work on the web? Don't want to give a big cut of your hard earned income to resellers? Then look no further, we reviewed each ASP.NET e-commerce package available in depth and found the winner:

AbleCommerce 5.5 ASP.NET Edition

We've used other ASP.NET shopping carts and find they are either coded horrendously and over-marketed (making you believe it's a good package or can handle an enterprise load), or is suffering from tremendous security issues, bugs, instability, and lack of features, and needless to say no or expensive support! We were fortunate to come across AbleCommerce, the leading e-commerce provider for 10 years starting out in the Cold Fusion arena and moving their mature e-commerce technology to ASP.NET -- and they did it right!

Review the resources available and try AbleCommerce FREE for 30 days. Source code editions available! Want to purchase - see the coupons below and save now! Hurry though, coupons expire March 31st!!!
  • Visit AbleCommerce's main web site
  • View the AbleCommerce comprehensive documentation
  • Check out tons of AbleCommerce powered sites
  • Visit the forums and take part in AbleCommerce. Notice this ASP.NET vendor doesn't hide 90%-100% of their forums as others do...AbleCommerce knows they have a winner and doesn't worry about bug reports and source code snippets jeopardizing their package! Security, Confidence and Experience is clear here!
  • VB.NET Forums obtained three exclusive coupons for our readers:
    • 'VBNET10' will save 10% off Able's full featured product
    • 'VBNET20' will save you 20% off on orders over $1500.
    • 'VBNETFREEDEV' gets you a Free Development Server License with your AbleCommerce Asp.Net purchase, a $195.00 value.

Banner is a direct link to fully functional 30 Day Evaluation.
Click to Learn about Installing AbleCommerce.


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siteDirector .NET is completely self-contained requiring no external databases and maintains redirect tables in memory for instant redirects. The self-contained redirect engine takes advantage of wildcards and tokens to ease configuration and target resources with simplicity. Handle multiple bound domains to a single IIS web site as well with no ISAPI tricks or hungry resources - siteDirector .NET is magic in itself. Try out siteDirector .NET FREE with no time limits - redirects are disabled until registered which is as simple as adding the serial number. Use siteDirector .NET to see your 404 error rate and requested resources and boost your ratings in search engines eliminating all failed requests! siteDirector .NET will also send batch e-mails (optional) keeping webmaster's well informed of 404 activity and rest comfortably knowing visitors are staying instead of leaving!

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