Question Problem with deploying excel addin built in VS2008


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Oct 21, 2008
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I am experienced in developing vba code within Excel, but I am a novice with

I have created a new "Excel 2007 Workbook" project using the installed template in VS2008. Apart from a few initial config difficulties, I have succeeded in setting up a new workbook, and have developed quite a lot of code behind my worksheets.

Everything works fine within the VS2008 environment. So, now that it all works, I want to use the worksheet outside of the VS environment, i.e. by just opening the .xls file.

However, when I open the workbook in Excel by double-clicking the .xls file in the bin\debug folder within the project, the spreadsheet opens fine but none of the vb code runs. The buttons in the sheets, which all work perfectly when in VS2008, are completely dead.

Could anyone tell me how to activate the code behind the sheets outside of the VS2008 environment.

Thanks for your help.
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