1. R

    Question How to start exporting data to an excel file from a particular row of excel sheet?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to export the data to an excel file which has a template like this: I want the data to be inserted from the 3rd row without affecting first two rows same as here But in the actual output first row is being overwritten by column names and data is inserted from...
  2. R

    Question How to apply template on excel file exported using oledb ?

    Hi, I have exported data into excel file using oledb since I cannot use interop or any third party library. Here is my code ''' <summary> ''' Export datagridview's data contained in an data table to excel file ''' </summary> ''' <param name="dataTable">DataGridView's datatable</param> '''...
  3. E

    Read the value of the last cell in a particular column in Excel

    Hi everybody, I want to get the last cell's value of a column. For Example : I will put the last cell's value of A column to a Textbox. Is there any one knows it ?
  4. S

    Excel Updation

    Hi All, I have created one windows application in VB.Net and in that I am reading some values from Excel which is already residing in D Drive. It is working fine in the system where Excel is installed but not in other system while installing the MSI it is throwing below error Please suggest...
  5. S

    Access to webpage

    I have an excel and I am transferring the excel tables to access database.It has lots of calculated fields so i am creating queries in access.i want to know if i connect this database to webpage will the access perform or run those queries on its own behind the scene? As My front end data needs...
  6. J

    Question Using Vlookup in Excel automation

    Hi. I'm trying to use Excels Vlookup function to populate a text box within a form. I want to enter a number, look up this number in a named range and return the corresponding data into the second text box. I've got so far but my knowledge has come to its limit, and the code below doesn't work...
  7. rjgagui

    Excel interop, what page a certain cell is?

    hi guys, can you help with my problem on formating my excel report. this is what i want to do.. 1. i will load records from database to excel . 2. if a certain row is identical to previous then the cell will no be added (specific column only not entire row.) my problem is if ever the last row...
  8. H

    Copy excel data to datagrid

    Hi, i have a windows form with a datagrid, and i want the user to be able to copy and paste the data i am going to perform calculations on, into the grid in a certain column. For simpilicity, we can assume that they have copied the correct numerical values to the clipboard from excel, and they...
  9. rjgagui

    Question Crystal Report Printing like an EXCEL FILE

    hi Everyone, is there a way that crystal reports can be printed in a manner excel would print a horizontally long details?? what i mean is, for example in excel i have 6 columns and only 3 colums can fit in a shortband the other 3 columns will be on the next page. aligning to my first 3...
  10. S

    Question Clearning a EXCEL Spreadsheet

    Hi all , i'm needing assistance in Clearing a Office 2010 Excel Spreadsheet from vb.net 2012 , any assistance in this would be awesome. Even a Complete rewrite Would even Be Better :) thanks All Imports Microsoft.Office Imports Microsoft.Office.Core Imports...
  11. C

    Question i want to get an excel database from a webpage

    The webpage from where i need to retrieve the excel database is: Consulta de Estructura de Informaci?n The checkbox i need to get marked is the one named "Tasa de Rendimiento 3/" that depends on the tree list "CETES a 28 d?as": <input name="series" style="margin: 0px 5px 0px 10px;"...
  12. mond007

    Excel File versus XML Data Load in simple VS Project

    Hi I am writing a Visual Studio application whereby I need to import a simple matrix of 6 columns by 200 rows of data. The scenario is that the user puts in question number and the application looks up the question and display the 5 columns of the answer details, image and hyperlink from the...
  13. S

    Pulling data from Excel and applying new data back.

    Hello, I recently started to look into coding with VB.NET. I wanted to write an application that would allow my employer to boost productivity and ease some of my co-workers negativity due to how primitive the process is currently. To make it short and sweet in my line of business you are...
  14. B

    Problems with conversion datagrid to excel

    Hi ! I have a problem with conversion from a grid to excel ,i hope that someone con help me... El grid has: 0.733333 120.000 20007.047 9365.221 170.263 9305.221 170.219 9425.221 170.667 0.090 0.600 6.731220 50.000 9292.373 9562.563 171.592 9537.563 171.423 9587.563 171.894 0.034 0.538...
  15. G

    Question vs2010 Excel Problem "Selected.Cells" is always nothing even if I have things.

    vs2010 Excel Problem "Selected.Cells" is always nothing even if I have things. Hi, I am trying to write a program that can read/write data from excel. I got it working at one time but after closing all the excel windows and restarting it, I am getting "Nothing" on the objApp.selection object...
  16. hellohello1

    Question Putting cell values from excel columns into multiple arrays

    Hi, I'm new to vb.net so I hope you can give me some guidance. I am dealing with the data in excel using VS. Currently, I have problem trying to put my column data (starting from D column to x columns that user specified in textbox) into different arrays as I want to manipulate them...
  17. margzxero

    Question Listview/Query Export to Excel

    how to export listiview/quert to excel with landspace format?
  18. Neodynamic

    How to directly Print Word docs without Preview or Printer Dialog from ASP.NET

    In this walkthrough, you'll learn how to print any MS Word document (*.doc; *.docx) from an ASP.NET website to the client printer without displaying a print dialog. You'll be able to print the Word doc to the Default client printer as well as to any other installed printer at the client...
  19. Y

    Question How to import excel xlsx file to sql with changing header location and name

    How to import data from excel xlsx files to sql database if in some files the row and content of the headers are changing (even if they change they point the same data, see example)? I work in Visual basic environment with VS 2012 Here is the example: The problem is number of headers are...
  20. tonifirnandes

    Question export data from excel to datagridview and database

    Hello my friend the best programmer and kind one:) my friend, i've a problem, i would like to export data from excel to datagridview now, that before i have could to export data from datagridview to excel but now i do the other side that how to import data from excel to datagridview. actually...