Performance question VB .NET /C/C++/VB6/C#


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Dec 1, 2004
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i have a general question about a project that has just begun. I should read lines out of a file. A line (in ASCII format) looks like this:

timestamp(Double) channel(Byte) ID(Integer) mode(String with 2 characters) lenght(Byte) data(max. 8 Byte)

I should read in this lines, parse and visualize them.

My first trials with a file of 60.000 lines were a bit disillusioning. I tried to visualize them in a listbox-control and it needs 10 min. to load and visualize them. The next trial with a listview-control was about one minute. But yesterday i got the information that the maximum file size was 1,500,000 lines.

Now my naive question is, how to handle such large amount of data in VB .NET? Or should i use C/C++ for a better performance?

My first thougts were to implement a class in VB .NET in which i "fill" in the data after parsing the lines with RegEx. After that i could put this class in an Array or a Collection or a database???

I must visualize this data on three kinds. First as a kind of treeview, second in an ActiveX-component like an oszilloskope and third in a table. The user must manipulate some parts of this data.

I hope you can excuse my bad English and that you can give me some recommendation for working on this large amount of data.

Many Thanks

does it have to be a textfile? you could use a database or just a dataset (save as *.xml file) which would be much more efficiant