New Charting tool for .NET Developers


Cristal Components
Jan 25, 2005
Programming Experience
Cristal Technologies, Inc.

Gagnon-Harper Chart

Introducing the Gagnon-Harper Chart (Patent Application Pending): this amazing product offers a nearly infinite number of ways to analyze your data—all from a single chart. You no longer have to place data sets side-by-side to compare them; the Gagnon-Harper Chart allows you to place unlimited data atop one another for immediate comparison. The sub chart and aggregate chart features allow you to dynamically drill-down on any aspect, enabling you to break down as little or as much data as you like. Through different chart modes, color schemes, 3-D effects and numerous other options, you can create a tailored view of the data that is not only aesthetically pleasing, professional, and space efficient—you can create a virtual masterpiece that will convey complex data sets in a manner anyone can grasp within seconds. This eliminates the need for the time consuming comparative analysis that often bogs down reports and presentations due to multiple, antiquated charts.

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