Nevron Chart for .NET Q2 2008 available


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Feb 28, 2006
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Nevron Chart for .NET combines visual richness with a vast amount of charting and gauge types grouped together in a comprehensible and extensible API. With advanced AJAX support, VS 2008 design time support and a payload of useful features Nevron Chart for .NET is the only complete component for building rich presentation, financial, scientific and business dashboards for WinForm and WebForm deployment.

Styling Support
The control features an embedded styling support, allowing you to quickly apply a style sheet in order to change the appearance of the chart contents. In addition you can create your own, custom style sheets using a set of style sheet configurators and palettes. The styling mechanism is also open for extension.


Automatic Pie Chart Data Label Layout
The layout algorithm used to resolve label overlapping in 2D is extended to support 3D pie charts as well. The pie chart labels are automatically positioned in a manner that doesn't allow them to overlap with each other. The label layout is similar to the spider mode.


Improved Panel Layout
All content panels in the control are extended to support Margins and Padding allowing for a fine gradient control over the panels spacing.

Improved Text Rendering Speed
The text rendering speed for all labels has been significantly improved.

Improved Hit Testing Speed in 3D
Hit testing speed in 3D has been improved. You will find out that the new version behaves much better when hit testing large data sets.

Border Style
All content panels now support a border style allowing you to place a border around the panel content. Radial Gauges have been extended to support custom border styles like Circle, Cut Edge Circle and Rounded Outline.


Paint Effects
All content panels now support a paint effect that emulates the reflection of glass or gel cap over the panel content. This feature allows for the creation of more visually appealing gauges and charts.


Automatic Jittering
In WinForms applications using 3D charts the control can automatically detect a period of inactivity between chart refresh calls and use it to antialias the 3D scene. This greatly improves the visual appearance of 3D charts as jagged edges are removed at minimal performance cost.

Redesigned Examples
All examples of the components have been redesigned in order to take advantage of the improvements in styling, borders, paint effects and layout.

Improved Documentation
The documentation of the component has been improved in order to be more user friendly.

Free, fully functional evaluation is available for Download
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