Question .Net Application hangs if I lock my system


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Dec 24, 2009
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I have a weired problem. I developed a multithreaded WinForm application using VB.Net, and SQL Server 2008. The application works perfectly fine if I am using Visual Studio IDE to run the same. But, if I run the exe file created by VS the application hangs in case I lock my system and again relogin.
The memory usage is same as it was before locking the system. CPU usage is also 0% or by max 2%. All threads are also exited after finishing there designated tasks.
The application also uses threading but all threads are exited after there designated tasks. I confirmed this using various tools.
I am using the following configuration:

Windows XP SP2
Visual Studio 2008 SP1
SQL Server 2008
Infragistics 2008 Volume 1 (v8.1)
Janus Time Line Control

I tried to get the process information with the following tools:

SYSInternals Process Monitor
SYSInternals Process Explorer
Microsoft WinDbg 6.11

Everything seems to be fine with all the tools.

Thanks in advance for your valuable support.

Ashish Sharma
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