Need help deploying activex dll


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Aug 21, 2006
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I recently wrote 2 controls in an activex dll I need to be able to deploy those controls to web users via cab files.I created a page that when navigated to has a classid and a code base and is supposed to start a download to a client pc. The client pc pops up with the message box to ask if it is ok to download but when you press accept nothing happens.Here is what I want to happen. 1. The 2 controls get registered for com interop so that they have a classid. I have 2 support dlls that need to be installed along with these controls. I need to put them in a specific directory on the host computer. They do not need to be registered.--------------------------------------------------------------------------I have looked over many documents and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. If someone could just tell me how to do this it would be helpful.Language: and 2003The controls are written in and I want to user to deploy themThanks Jason cainplease email:
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