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Jun 3, 2004
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In today's development, time is something no one has enough of. With VB.NET, rapid application development (RAD) has certainly be redefined, however, to really take RAD to new limits, we reach out to 3rd party vendors for their expertise and teams of experts behind their components. /n software is the expert in the network component arena providing components from every major protocol from FTP to IMAP to SNMP, SSL and SSH security, S/MIME encryption, Digital Certificates, Credit Card Processing, ZIP compression, Instant Messaging, and even e-business (EDI) transactions.​

With .NET we've also seen component vendors reach out to developers offering component "suites" -- a complete package of components instead of breaking the bank having to license individual components one by one. /n software offers the Red Carpet subscription offering a wide array of components AND in various languages. Unlike other suites where you get a component collection for one particular language/platform, i.e. .NET, with /n's Red Carpet subscription you get all of their components within the subscription AND for each of the supported languages. Languages supported are typically .NET, ActiveX, VB, ASP, Delphi, Java, C++ and more.​

We've been using their IP*Works! Internet Toolkit for years and continue to use it with ease in .NET. Use is as simple as drag and drop, set a few properties, and it does the work - the magic of 3rd party components! You can cut days if not weeks of research and development by "buying the expertise" with /n's components. Last year we created a VB.NET newsreader using their NNTP component in just seven days! No one cares to deal with the archaic NNTP protocol nor should you have to, /n software did the work, simply roll it into your application and look like an expert!​

/n software also supports a wide array of e-commerce components such as their IBiz line of components. If you're building your ASP.NET e-commerce storefront, invest in their IBiz E-Payment Integrators to make processing credit card and electronic check transactions easy! With nearly 30 supported payment gateways, simply drag and drop, set the properties, and process the transaction. Get the response, parsed by the IBiz E-Payment integrator and conduct real time transactions in a matter of hours.​

Interested in adding Zip compression to your application such as for a Backup/Restore system, or streaming compression, or even ASPX page compression using their Gzip/Deflate integration, check out their IP*Works! Zip components. We used these recently and it took all of minutes to implement. The component is easy to use, straight-forward, well documented, and as with all of their components, completes with a plethora of samples to help you get started quickly.​

/n software has been a pleasure to communicate with when in need of technical support. You'll be greeted by friendly staff should you need to call, or rapid response e-mail with thorough and competent support staff if you send them any questions by e-mail. We've worked extensively with /n software on our payment processor line of components and have had nothing but a great experience and code samples where we needed a little extra help.​

The only thing different with the /n software is the object model that has to support the many different development platforms supported. We'd like to see more object oriented use as well as collection based programming instead of array based. They are working on this with their technology leading ADO.NET providers for networking components that's now in public beta. In talks with /n software, we believe their future editions will be more ".NET oriented" and keep the familiar programming flow we've become accustomed to.​

/n software just added a tremendous value to their already invaluable collection by adding their IBiz line of products to the Red Carpet subscription. This is great news as many are now working more with e-commerce and with their line of products added to the Red Carpet subscription, it has made creating your own shopping carts simple with .NET. No longer do you need to spend thousands on 3rd party shopping cart systems, spend a fraction of that with the IBiz component line by /n software.​

Visit /n software and download free trials, read their tips & techniques articles including their latest on Podcasting, and see the great value this Red Carpet subscription provides and how it is a must have with today's world of connected development.​