Help keep VB.Net a First Class Language on .Net 5


Feb 2, 2020
Programming Experience
To all those that would like VB.Net to be kept "co-equal" to C#. I honestly don’t think Microsoft realizes how many businesses, government agencies, software companies and individuals actually use VB.Net or software written in VB.Net. So let's make them aware. Let's start a letter campaign (snail mail so they can't just block it like they could email). Let's get every programmer, software company and all of the businesses, government organizations and individuals using software written in VB.Net to send a letter to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. If your a software company, get all of your customers to send a letter... preferably on their own letterhead.

Below is the address for Mr. Nadella and a sample letter. You can use the letter as is or rewrite in your own words.

TO: Satya Nadella
Microsoft Headquarters
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA
98052, USA

Mr. Nadella,

As the CEO of Microsoft, I assume you are aware that the promise made by Microsoft to keep VB and C# “co-equal” languages on the .Net platform is now being abandoned as Microsoft develops .Net Core and .Net 5. I’m writing to ask, in the strongest terms possible, that Microsoft keep its promise and maintain the co-equal evolution of VB and C#.

Many millions of lines of code and thousands of desktop and web applications used by business and government are written in VB.Net. Thousands of programmers and hundreds of software companies use VB.Net as their development language of choice. The software they develop, maintain and sell creates Billions of dollars of revenue for Microsoft by driving demand for Windows based computing platforms to run that software on.

To fail to keep VB.Net a first class citizen of .Net, and a state-of-the-art programming language, would be a gross violation of the trust that all of the programmers, software companies, businesses and government agencies have put in Microsoft. It would also be a very poor business decision. Forcing a one-size-fits-all solution has never been a successful long term business strategy. It’s why IBM no longer has a virtual monopoly on the computer industry. It’s why Linux and open source software now dominate the web.

There are many other programming languages, most of which don’t require a Windows based platform to run on. Alienating all of the schools, programmers, software companies, businesses and government agencies that depend on VB.Net just to save a few dollars (what amounts to pocket change for Microsoft) is not a long term winning strategy. Penny wise, pound foolish… as the old saying goes.

So again, I strongly urge you to keep the promise Microsoft made to the VB programmers and all of the organizations that depend on their software solutions. Keep VB.Net a co-equal option for developing ALL types of applications across ALL of the platforms that .Net Core and .Net 5 will enable.



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