KineticaRT releases .NET RAD tool KineticaRT Studio


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Mar 8, 2005
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KineticaRT Studio . NET, a new software development tool for creating high speed systems for industrial monitoring and control applications, has been released by KineticaRT Limited.

KineticaRT Studio.NET incorporates the proven reliability and functionality of KineticaRT software components to offer a new level of productivity efficiency.

Major innovations include .NET compatibility, server components with multiple connectivity options, powerful logic components, display components with unique live updates and abundant options for look and feel through a well focused, simple-to-use display and control application tool.

No software or programming experience is needed to configure Graphical User Interfaces to DAQ projects.

Developers simply use a few mouse clicks to insert properties into channel set up menus, and by dragging and dropping these parameters, configure in real time the display and control components.

It is also possible to take an application written using Visual Studio/Visual Basic .NET and embed KineticaRT Studio features into that application.

Request for an evaluation copy of KineticaRT Studio by visiting