TX Text Control X12 and TX Spell 6.0 released


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Oct 9, 2009
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The software component vendor Text Control announced the immediate availability of its latest version X12 for all platforms including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and ActiveX.

The HTML5-based, cross-browser web editor has been extended with full drag and drop support. MS Word DOC, DOCX, RTF and image files can be directly dropped into the editor and formatted content can be pasted from client applications such as MS Word. The ribbon bar has been styled with a modern, fresh new Office 2013 inspired icon pack with 700+ new icons. The CSS-based, customizable ribbon bar is fully collapsible and scrollable.

TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET provides a fully featured spell-check dialog for the web editor in combination with the new version 6.0 of TX Spell .NET. It provides the same functionality like the Windows pendant including suggestions, full editing mode, ignore and change options.

In version X12, the web editor is able to print documents directly by opening the native browser print dialog. This enables developers to utilize the integrated print preview, to change the printer settings and to print content directly. Additionally, the editor provides the same programming interface to all document elements like the non-UI component ServerTextControl.

TX Text Control .NET for WPF X12 is shipped with ready-to-use, completely customizable ribbon tabs. They provide ribbon groups and buttons for the typical tasks such as formatting text or inserting objects such as images, headers and footers or barcodes.

A new WPF presentation engine has been implemented which enables a better integration in the WPF Framework, so that other framework elements can overlap a TextControl object. This new WPF rendering engine allows all types of transformations, 'Adorners' and other typical WPF features such as effects like 'DropShadow' and 'Blur' effects. New touch and stylus events help developers to create multi-touch interfaces for Windows applications.

As an active member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program and as an official Visual Studio 2015 Sim-Ship Partner, we have committed to support new versions of Visual Studio and to make sure that our products work seamlessly with Visual Studio 2015.

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TX Text Control X12 and TX Spell 6.0 released

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HTML5 based document editing - Cross-browser, cross-plattform document and template editing in ASP.NET and MVC




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About TX Text Control:

TX Text Control was originally released in 1991, since then more than 50,000 copies have been sold. Starting off as a single, small DLL, TX Text Control has made its way through 16-bit DLL and VBX versions to today?s Enterprise edition with its .NET and ActiveX components. The recent addition to the family, TX Text Control .NET Server, offers all of TX Text Control advanced word processing functionality in an easy-to-use server-side .NET component. Customers benefit from these years of experience, large user base, and at the same time, appreciate developing with a mature, reliable product.

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