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Hi, thanks for reply.

In IIS you could specify website folder only, and it’s not allow to enter file name.

If perhaps I am wrong… could you please specify in more details haw to do it.


you are right, from the local path select your physical folder location and from properties-> documents tab add your default page and set it as first. Now if you type your virtual directory name it automatically loads the first file from your documents
I cannot get IIS to work on my computer. I keep getting messages such as: "check to see if IIS is installed correctly and do you have admin privileges" How do I check and see if it is installed correctly and I must have admin privileges since this is my home computer which I purchased.


Del Dobbs

Hi, simply open up Control Panel, go to Administrative Tools and look for Internet Information Services (IIS). If you cant see it, then make sure you put in your OS's CD into the drive, go to Add/Remove Programs, Select Windows Components and check the box. Click Next and it will install IIS. Once done you will notice its available through Admin Tools and it will add a folder called Inetpub onto C: and inside this folder you will find another folder called wwwroot. This is where your project can be created if you wish to host/test via IE. Idealll, open IIS from Admin Tools, Expand Websites and then expand Default Website. In the space to the right, right-click and select new Virtual Directory. Specify the details for your app as well as the location of the ASP files. Once done and running, open IE, type in "http://localhost/[yourAppFolderName]"

Hope this helps!!

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