help with including sql server express and .net framework setup in application setup


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Dec 20, 2011
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i have developed and application in 2005 targeting framework 2.0 and database as sql server express 2005.

Now i want to install it on a windows xp machine which do not have framework and sql server express 2005.

There is a way that i can install sql server express and framework independently on the system and then install my application.

But help is needed here that i want to include the setup of sql server express 2005 and framework 2.0 into my application setup. i.e. when my setup run it will check for both prerequisite i.e. sql express and framework, and if not found it will install from the setup that are included as part of the setup of my application.
Can anyone provide me steps or a tool that can build such setup.

thanks in advance for all your valuable comments.



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Aug 17, 2004
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Are you using ClickOnce publishing in VB Express or VS or are you using a Setup project in VS? Either way, you simply open the prerequisites dialogue and make sure that both those packages are selected. By default, any prerequisite packages that are not installed will be downloaded on demand. That is preferable if you are distributing your installer electronically, so that the download will be as small as possible for each person. If you are distributing on physical media then you should change the location to the same as the app, so the prerequisites can be included on the media too.
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