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    Question How can I create effective Installer?

    I create installer from Installer & Deployment in VS2010 for my project. After I brought its to install in some XP SP3 Desktop. It can install , but can not launch my application. How can I create effective Installer that has all necessary file (maybe dll)? Best Regards.
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    help with including sql server express and .net framework setup in application setup

    Hi, i have developed and application in 2005 targeting framework 2.0 and database as sql server express 2005. Now i want to install it on a windows xp machine which do not have framework and sql server express 2005. There is a way that i can install sql server express and framework...
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    Question Adding .dlls and .exes to my installation

    In my project, I've made reference to a .dll file (which was compiled through visual studio, and is currently marked as a reference). Having added it as a reference, when I compile my program into a setup file, will it include the .dll. Secondly, I have run a process off an installed program on...
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    Question How to create a Upgrade Project

    I have a question for many years.. Suppose if I Deployed a project using Setup Project. After some time, I added some features or modify it on customer demand. 1) How do I make a upgrade project so that the user runs the setup and the new changes are upgraded on the client system. 2) How do...
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    Setup Problem

    I made a program and i need to make a setup for it.I have forgotten how to make one, so can some1 help me?And pls be fast i need to do this until the 5 of may so pls help:confused::(