Extended MessageBox .NET Library (Windows Forms)


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May 12, 2010
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This is an extension to MessageBox.Show (via CBT hook), not a replacement, not a user-defined dialog.

The library provides .NET applications with means of controlling a variety of MessageBox dialog settings:

- adjusting initial position and size of the dialog
- selecting message font and font color (the dialog resizes automatically)
- filling dialog background with solid colors and bitmap files
- modifying button captions & fonts, button tooltips, displaying up to 3 additional buttons
- loading dialog icons from external files (ICO, resource files, file types)
- accepting text input
- displaying checkbox control
- providing links to web pages
- dialog timeout

Once turned on and configured, extended features are persistent through application's session affecting every MessageBox.Show call.

Windows XP to Windows 7 supported.

Download fully-functional trial version:

Web page containing detailed information about the project, help file, code samples:
Extended MessageBox library (assembly) for .NET - Visual FoxPro : Using Win32 (WinAPI) Functions

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